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Full Review: 20" f3.0 SpicaEyes Telescope on a Platform

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32" f3.05 SlipStream Telescope For Sale

This Telescope is less than three years old. Having been stored and used in a safe dry climate, the Telescope is in like-new condition.

The mirrors were made by Lockwood Custom Optics, and display Mike Lockwood's excellent optical quality.

Features of the SlipStream Telescope structure include:
  • Primary and secondary mirrors from Lockwood Custom Optics.
  • SiTech drive components.
  • Cordless hand control with 3-speed slew options in both Altitude and Azimuth.
  • Slip clutches on both axes gives you the ability to move the scope by hand at anytime without losing positional accuracy. Or you can move the scope with the cordless hand control. Seamless operation.
  • Nexus digital setting circles for full GoTo capability. Just push a button and stand back to watch the scope slew to your chosen target and then track it.
  • Very rigid welded aluminum rocker and mirror boxes.
  • Solid aluminum rolled altitude bearings.
  • Stout 1.5" diameter truss tubes are powdercoated black.
  • Machined lower and upper truss hardware from Aurora Precision.
  • State-of-the-art welded steel mirror cell from Aurora Precision. This cell features an 18point floating back support, a four point Floating edge support and an easy two-knob collimation system. Nylon bolts can be screwed against the edge of the mirror to keep the glass from shifting during transport.
  • Heavy duty spider and secondary holder from AstroSystems.
  • FeatherTouch Focuser.
  • Custom truss tube shroud.
  • Truss tube transport case with pockets for the tubes.
  • Separate interface ring makes assembling the cage easy while standing on the ground. This ring is slotted and allows you to rotate the upper cage for best eyepiece placement.
  • A fan and rechargeable battery mounted in the mirror box to cool the mirror.
  • Wheels are provided to move and transport the lower assembly.
  • A stalk and tray is provided to carry the DSC, eyepieces, etc.
  • Tight fitting front and back mirror covers keep insects and dust out of the mirror box when the scope is in storage.
  • All aluminum parts either anodized or powdercoated for durability. Stainless steel fasteners used throughout.
  • The scope is furnished with removable wheels to make it easy to roll it out from storage to your observing location.
  • A low-rise jack is provided to lift the scope up when installing or removing the wheels - a two-minute operation.

In the picture, Tom Osypowski, owner of Equatorial Platforms, stands next to the finished Telescope.

The Telescope is being offered for sale by its original owner, John McQuillan. It is presently in an observatory in Rodeo, New Mexico and interested buyers can see it there.

John paid $54,000 for the complete Telescope in 2018. He is offering it for sale for the very attractive price of $40,000. It can be picked up where it is now in Rodeo, or it can be crated and sent to the buyer's location for an added shipping fee.

For inquiries about this fine Telescope, please email John McQuillan at: john@mcquillan.com

To see the Owner's Manual for setting up and using the Telescope, please email Equatorial Platforms at: tomosy@nccn.net