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Full Review: 20" f3.0 SpicaEyes Telescope on a Platform

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AstroGoods - FirstBase Mounts & Compact Precision Telescope
Custom built FirstBase mounts, clamshell rings, bearings, mirror cells, tubes, and other custom parts for your telescope. CNC precision - we build to work with Tom's outstanding Equatorial Platforms.
Denkmeier Optical, Inc.
Kennedy Optics
Steve Kennedy is a experienced and gifted optician with over 20 years experience making aspheric optics. He is presently concentrating on highly-corrected large aperture parabolic mirrors (24" and 28") with f/ratios well below f4. Equatorial Platforms is collaborating with Kennedy Optics in the manufacture of large, low profile All-Aluminum Telescopes with a choice of formats: 1) the SpicaEyes Telescope System with integrated Aluminum Platform and 2) the SpicaEyes Telescope System with our new SlipStream Drive.
Lightholder Optics

Live Watch

Site has picture galleries and webcams about the scale of the universe. Good for astronomy presentations.

Lockwood Custom Optics
Mike Lockwood is an accomplished optician who specializes in smooth, thin, accurately corrected mirrors. For visual use, he produces custom mirrors from 16" to 60", at f/2.8 and up. He tests and figures most of the elliptical flats that are used with his primary mirrors.
Mag1 Instruments
Observe The Skies on a Budget
Obsession Telescopes
Sidereal Technology
This company offers an excellent Dual Servo Telescope Controller that is packed with features. Slip-clutched motor assemblies allow you to move the scope by hand without first having to de-clutch the drives, or you can move the scope with the precision servo motors using a sophisticated wireless hand pad that offers three different programmable speeds -- slewing, centering and guiding. Equatorial Platforms is using this new Telescope Controller from SiTech to drive its new line of SpicaEyes All-Aluminum Telescopes with SlipStream Drive.
Sky Commander
Teeter's Telescopes
Teleport Telescopes
Scope Shrouds