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This is a nice Dual-axis Wooden Platform in great shape. It has been disassembled, cleaned, lubed and tweaked for like-new performance. Bonus: has brand new motors installed! Comes with a corded hand control that will give you a two-speed slew in both RA and DEC for centering and guiding purposes.

The platform was built for a latitude of 34 degrees, but will work well for a few degrees on either side, say 32-36 degrees. It was originally made for a 14" Teleport Telescope, but can be used with others, including these: 18" Obsession UC, 15" Obsession Classic, 10--11" Teeter, 8" Orion and a 12" Telekit. Some minor modifications might be needed to use these telescopes optimally, and that could be done for you before shipping at a small cost.

The platform runs off 12VDC. You can supply your own power or get the Built-in Rechargeable Battery option for an added $120. There is also a Polar Alignment Tool available for an added $110.

Cost for this very nice Dual-axis Platform would be $1600. Crating/shipping would be extra and there would be added Sales Tax to a California address.

Contact Tom at tomosy@nccn.net if you are interested.

This is a large solid 45lb Dual-axis wooden Platform built for about 45 degrees. It can easily carry an 18" dob like the Obsession Classic or a Teeter or Starmaster.

It is constructed of premium 13-ply Plywood and has a glossy polyurethane finish that is durable and impervious to dew.

When it reached our shop, the Platform was disassembled, cleaned and lubed. It has been completely renovated and two new motors attached. We also mounted a brand new rechargeable battery that will run the Platform for several nights at a time. The drive has been tested/calibrated and it is ready for your viewing and imaging goals.

This solid Platform is priced to sell quickly at $1550, plus crating/shipping.

Contact Tom at tomosy@nccn.net if you are interested.