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Full Review: 20" f3.0 SpicaEyes Telescope on a Platform

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   Updated 4/29/23

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MallinCam at the 2010 OSP

eeing and transparency conditions were wonderful at the 2010 Oregon Star Party. Over 500 people had great views of a spectacular Milky Way arching overhead, with Perseids shooting along the star clouds. I spent two nights viewing/imaging with a MallinCam VSS video camera attached to my 20" f3.5 SlipStream Telescope. Some results are shown below. They are single shot images (no stacking), and are unprocessed except for adjustment of brightness and contrast. Click on each image for a larger view.

Helix Nebula. A 30second exposure with reducer down to f2.5
Eagle Nebula. A 15 second exposure with reducer down to f2.5
Swan Nebula. A 15 second exposure at f3.5
Dumbbell Nebula. A 20 second exposure at f3.5
Lagoon Nebula. A 10 second exposure with reducer down to f2.5
NGC 6946 in Draco. A 30 second exposure at f3.5
NGC 891 in Andromeda. A 30 second exposure at f3.5
Veil Nebula in Cygnus. A 35 second exposure with reducer down to f2.5
20" f3.5 SpicaEyes SlipStream Telescope used to take these MallinCam images. Sky Commander was used to find objects, and the goto's put the object on the screen just about everytime. The netbook computer on the stalk was used to compose and focus via the Composite output of the MallinCam. A 15" Dell laptop was used for viewing and imaging, via an AverTV Express card using the S-video output of the MallinCam.