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Color Photos by Tom Osypowski

M42 -- the Orion Nebula. This image is a digital composite of two negatives taken on Ektar 1000 print film. Exposure of each negative was 7 minutes. The telescope was a 16" f5 Dob on a Dual-axis Equatorial Platform. Guiding was done with the Platform's hand control through a separate guide scope. Images by Tom Osypowski. Scanning and image processing by Tony and Daphne Hallas at Astro Photo.

Dumbell Nebula - M27
Taken at prime focus of a 22" f4.2 Dob on an Equatorial Platform. 10 minute exposure of Kodak Royal Gold 1000 print film. 164K-bytes.
Whirlpool Galaxy - M51
M51 taken with 22" f4.2 Dob on a Dual-axis Platform. This picture is a combination of three separate negatives, all 10 minute exposures on Fujicolor 400 film. The negatives were electronically scanned and combined in Photoshop. All image processing done by Jim Eiselt.
Taken with a 22" f4.2 Dob on a Dual-axis Platform. Two 10 min exposures, same details as M51 on the left.
Comet Hale-Bopp
Taken October 19, 1996. 5 minute exposure at prime focus of 22" f/4.2 Dobsonian on an Equatorial Platform. Kodak Royal Gold 1000 film. 150K-bytes.
Lagoon Nebula
16" F5 prime focus, 10 minute exposure on Ektar 1000 film.
A 10 minute exposure through a 16" f5 Dobsonian on a Dual-Axis Equatorial Platform, Ektar 1000 film.