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CCD Images by Pierre Schmid and Eduard von Bergen

These are color CCD images taken through a 15" Obsession on a Dual-axis Aluminum Platform. A Canon 10D CCD camera was used for all the images, and guiding was done using the Cordless Remote Slew Control and a separate guidescope attached to the truss tubes. All photos were taken at the Intl Telescope Meeting in Kaernten, Southern Austria.

M42 -- this is one 60 second exposure

Horsehead Nebula -- this is two 10 minute exposures stacked together

Helix Nebula -- a 4 minute and 8 minute exposure stacked

M 74 -- a composite of one 4 minute exposure and three 8 minute exposures for a total of 28 minutes

Quasar S5 0014+81 -- one 4 minute exposure.


Pierre Schmid looking through the guidescope

Eduard von Bergen posing at the guidescope